Phase 4 – Public Property Use

FROM: Office of the Mayor
City of Ottawa
301 W. Madison Street
Ottawa, Illinois 61350

Events in Public Parks
As Illinois is now moving into Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan, restrictions are easing again, including the gathering of larger groups. As groups of 50 people or less are permitted in Phase 4, the City is again permitting groups or committees to host events in the public parks, such as Art in the Park or Music in the Park, as long as the Phase 4 social distancing guidelines are followed. The guidelines from the DCEO include, but are not limited to:

  1. Social distancing will be required between groups that are not members of the same household or party. It is up to the event holder to design a plan to ensure social distancing measures are being followed, such as designating areas that are 6 ft apart and having a designated person ensure social distancing measures are being followed.
  2. Groups should be limited to 50 people or less; however, multiple groups are permitted as long as 30 feet of distancing is maintained between groups.
  3. Attendees should wear face coverings to and from the event, but attendees are permitted to remove the face coverings while in a designated area or are 6 feet apart from others not in their household or party.

If a group or committee would like to host an event in a public park, please contact the Special Events Coordinator, Heidy, at 815-433-0161 Ex. 131 and provide the City with the event you wish to host and plans to ensure the phase 4 social distancing guidelines are met. Permission from the City will be required prior to hosting any events in the public parks.

Additionally, the City Council, Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings continue to be open to the public following the new phase 4 guidelines.

The City would again like to thank the community for their cooperation and continued support during the phased reopening of the City of Ottawa.