Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

The City Clerk administers certain licenses and permits issued by the City of Ottawa including liquor licenses, raffle licenses and temporary sales permits. For more information on any of the following licenses and permits, please contact the City Clerk’s office or at 815 433 0161. The Clerk’s Office is located at 301 W. Madison Street, Ottawa, IL 61350.

Liquor Licenses

The City of Ottawa requires businesses to apply for and receive approval from the Local Liquor Control Commissioner in order to sell or serve liquor at their establishments (or at special events). Different types of liquor licenses are approved for various types of events and establishments. For more information on liquor license classifications, liquor license requirements and fees, please contact the City Clerk’s office and consult Chapter 10 Article II Section 10-41 of the Municipal Code – found below.

Temporary Sales Permit

Any organization or charitable group wishing to vend within the City of Ottawa must apply for a license from the City. If your organization or charitable group wishes to vend within the City, please complete the Temporary Sales Permit Form below and return it to the City Clerk’s Office.

Raffle License

The City of Ottawa requires organizations wishing to conduct a raffle within Ottawa to apply for a Raffle License. Only religious, charitable, labor, business, fraternal, educational, or veteran’s organizations that operate without profit to their members are eligible to conduct a raffle. In the case of a non-profit fundraising organization, raffles can occur only for the purpose of providing financial assistance to an identified individual or group of individuals suffering extreme financial hardship as the result of an illness, disability, occurrence, or disaster. If your organization is interested in and eligible to conduct a raffle, please complete the Raffle License Application Form below and return it to the City Clerk’s Office.

City Clerk
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