2021 Hydrant Flushing Schedule


Tuesday, September 14

• East Norris Drive, east of the Fox River.
• Ottawa Industrial Park & Champlain Street between Norris Drive and Goose Creek

Wednesday. September 15

• Bellevue Avenue and all intersecting streets.
• Gracefield Subdivision.

Thursday, September 16

• Etna Road, east of Route 23.
• Oak Ridge Drive, Circle Drive, Meadow Lane, Delaney Drive, Charles Court, Hillside Avenue, Everette Road and Avon Lane.
• Turnberry Subdivision.
• Reynolds Manor

Friday. September 17

• West of Route 23, Including Kain Subdivision and Emerald Drive.

Monday, September 20

• Hydrants east of Columbus Street from Joliet Street north to Goose Creek, including Alinda Avenue.

Tuesday, September 21

• North of Interstate 80, all hydrants west of Route 23

Wednesday, September 22

• North of Interstate 80, all hydrants east of Route 23

Thursday, September 23

• Hydrants on West Joliet Street from Walnut Street east to Columbus Street and North, including Wilcox Subdivision

Friday, September 24

• Hydrants on West Joliet Street from Poplar Street east to Boyce Lane and North to Evans Street.
• Autumnwood Subdivision.

Monday, September 27

• Hydrants on West Marquette Street from Boyce Memorial Drive east to Columbus St.
• Price Subdivision.
• Pickwick, Polk and Piper Streets.
• 1400 Block of West Lafayette Street.

Tuesday, September 28

• Hydrants north of the Fox River from Paul to Champlain Street, including hydrants north to CSX Railroad Tracks.

Wednesday, September 29

• Hydrants from the Illinois River north to the Illinois-Michigan Canal from Chestnut Street east to Clinton Street.
Thursday, Sept ember 30

• Hydrants on Madison Street from Boyce Memorial Drive east to Sycamore Street and north to the 1-M Canal.
Friday, October 01

• Hydrants on West Main Street from Fillmore Street west to Boyce Memorial Drive and south to Ottawa Avenue.

Monday, October 04

• Hydrants south of Illinois Avenue and west of Leland to the Illinois River.
• Hydrants on Phelps Street from Boyce Memorial Drive to Elm Street, Cactus Street, Vine Street and Fern Street, including Pilkington.

Tuesday, October 05

• Hydrants on the east side located between the Fox and Illinois Rivers, including Canal Road.
Wednesday, October 06

• Downtown/Columbus & LaSalle Streets
• Heritage Harbor Thursday, October 07
• Hydrants from Hitt Street south to College Avenue from State Street west to City limits.

Friday, October 08

• South of Illinois River from State Street east to City limits and south to Watson Street.

Monday, October 11

• All of Tomahawk Terrace/Indian Village Subdivision.
• McKinley Road from Catherine Street east to Dakota Drive and south to Southtown Mall, and the 1400 block of Catherine Street
Tuesday October 12

• White Lane and Parks Lane west to University Avenue from Gentleman Road south to View Street.
Wednesday October 13

• The 900-1200 blocks of Marcy Street.
• 700, 800 & 900 blocks of 4-H Road, north to College Avenue, Briarcrest Subdivision east to Adams Street.

Thursday, October 14

• West McKinley Road from Catherine Street west to Dairy Lane and south to Jeremiah Ln.

Friday, October 15

• West McKinley Road and Pembrook Subdivision.