2024 Veteran Banner Program

City of Ottawa

2024 Veteran Banner Program

The City of Ottawa 2024 Veteran Banner Program has reached capacity; we are no longer accepting applications.

The City of Ottawa is pleased to present the 2024 Veteran Banner recognition program. This program pays tribute to veterans who have selflessly served in a branch of the United States military.

Ottawa City Council members are sponsoring the 2024 Veteran Banner recognition program, namely Robert Hasty, Wayne Eichelkraut, Thomas Ganiere, Marla Pearson, and Brent Barron.

Program Overview:

The banners will be displayed on downtown light poles along LaSalle Street, Main Street and Court Street for two weeks before and two after both Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Banners will be removed at the end of November and given to the applicant.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The honoree is a military veteran (honorably discharged) of the United States Armed Forces. Active service members are not eligible.
  • The honoree is a current, former, or deceased resident within the 61350-zip code.

Application Process:

The number of banners is limited, and applications will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority may be given to veterans during the earliest wartime period.

To apply, submit a completed application and a photograph of the veteran in military uniform. Digital formatted photo is preferred. Submittals are deemed complete after submission of both the application and photo are received.


Previous participants are not eligible to participate in the program.

Submission Information: Submit the application and photo to Tami Koppen, City Hall, 301 West Madison Street, Ottawa, IL or via email at tkoppen@cityofottawa.org.

This program is a meaningful way to honor and recognize the sacrifices and service of veterans, and interested individuals are encouraged to apply promptly due to the limited number of banners available.


For any questions, please contact Tami Koppen via email at tkoppen@cityofottawa.org or by phone at 815-433-0161 ext.240.