Downtown Parking Program Concept

Concept for Downtown Parking Resolution

• Each Business will receive one to two parking spots in a lot closest to the business when possible.

• Each spot will have a painted number and sign indicating reserved business spot. Signage will also state towed at owner’s expense and police enforced. (Mon – Thru – Friday 7 am to 5 pm)

• Signage and spot numbers will be colored based on lot. The Business will have corresponding hangers for the reserved spot.

• The Police Department can administer the program since we enforce and cite violators. There is a gap in what we offer now. Vouchers and Downtown lot permits are handled by City Hall and that information is not shared
with the department. It’s an added step that does not need to exist. If we maintain the program then we are aware of the permits issued and can share those with City Hall if need be.

The Courthouse focus will be using reserved parking on in the Upper lot. I can work with them on this issue.

• A suggestion was made to increase fines for those violating parking rules if they are employees. I would agree that with the reserved parking spots this would be potentially beneficial in enforcing the move into the lots. This would mean an over all increase in fines for parking on the street and not in the lots.

• Fine increase is the second prong to this approach which can be implemented after we evaluate the reserved parking program.

• Businesses with larger number of employees will be considered for additional spots – Ex. First National Bank and First Federal Bank.

• I plan on meeting with them individually to discuss the implementation once the smaller businesses are considered.There are a couple of small businesses that have specific needs that we can look at and explore solutions for once the bulk of parking issues are addressed with the businesses. The reserved parking solution may resolve the issue for these businesses.

• We will be revamping the parking validation program as well. The Police Department will administer new validation forms that will be monitored and distributed to businesses upon request. These validation forms are to be used for customers only and not staff/employees.

My goal is to have everyone work together on this issue. By doing so our merchants will hopefully benefit which in turn benefits the city.

January 17, 2023 Downtown Parking Meeting Video
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