Fiber Optic Broadband-Interested?

CONTACT: Liz Burnham

Surf Broadband Solutions has a signed expression of interest letter with the City of Ottawa to evaluate the building of fiber optic internet in the City. Surf is in discussion with City leadership and working on next steps to establish a plan for fiber optic broadband to connect to the homes and businesses. To help us gauge interest go to: to sign up if you want fiber internet.

“This will be a fantastic opportunity to our citizens as everyone will eventually have access to dependable high-speed internet. As more people choose to work remotely, this will make our City a preferred location to live and work. We are excited to begin this partnership with Surf Broadband Solutions,” said Mayor Dan Aussem.

Surf Broadband is breaking down the barriers to switch from old outdated traditional internet services direct to fiber internet to the home connection.

Here is how Surf Broadband Solutions is different than traditional cable and telephone providers:
● No Data Caps or Overages fees – with the need for remote work and school your household is likely to use more data. Other providers have become stricter and are charging for overages.
● No Contracts – we are confident that you will love your fiber internet service and therefore we will work hard to keep you as a valuable customer and will not lock you into a contract like other providers do.
● Same upload and download speed – E-Learning and video conferencing has changed the way we use all the internet. Surf provides symmetrical upload and download to eliminate glitchy video conferencing.
● Whole-Home Wi-Fi – We provide a fully supported state of the art whole home Wi-Fi option that is capable of handling the bandwidth a fiber optic broadband connection delivers meaning you can do E-Learning, remote work, stream video, play games anywhere in your house.

Surf Broadband Solutions
Surf Broadband Solutions is the premier broadband provider in Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan since 2010. Our mission is to provide the greatest number of people with the best possible access to the internet. We serve these areas with offices in LaPorte, IN, Coal City, IL, Elkhart, IN, and Byron Center, MI and Rock Falls, IL. The Surf Broadband Solutions network uses the latest technology available, so our customers experience fast, reliable internet to enhance their daily lives. Connect Further. Faster. Surf Broadband Solutions is The Future Of Home Internet.