Storm Cleanup October 14, 2020

Storm Cleanup Update
October 14, 2020

City chipping crews have completed Areas N-1 through N-4 , W-1 through W-3 on the North Side and also Areas S-3 and S-4 on the South Side. Area S-2 will be completed by October 16, 2020 and we expect to be in Area S-1 beginning October 19, 2020. Residents are advised to use caution when traveling on streets in these areas and to be aware for periodic road closures. Please drive slowly when passing City or Contractor crews for their safety and yours.

Fox River Park and the Riverwalk are clear and open to the public as of today.

Once the chipping is completed we will begin addressing the removal of stumps in the City right-of-way. As a reminder, residents are advised to place downed tree limbs and branches on the berm for disposal prior to City crews entering each area. Please do not let debris encroach into roadways or on sidewalks. Grass clippings and construction debris will not be collected by City crews.

Storm Cleanup Map