Rain Barrel Sale


Ottawa is Blooming Committee and The Conservation Foundation partner on Rain Barrel Sale
Ottawa, Illinois – The Ottawa is Blooming Committee is excited to announce its 6th annual rain barrel sale in partnership with The Conservation Foundation and Upcycle Products.

Rain barrels can be ordered online starting today. All online orders must be completed by Wednesday May 19, 2021.

Online Rain Barrel Purchase

Mail-in order forms are also available at City Hall and are due to Upcycle Products by Monday, May 17, 2021. The 55-gallon barrels cost $60 plus tax.

A composter is also available for residents interested in composting yard waste.

Rain barrels are containers that capture rainwater for later use in your garden, house plants, or to wash your car. Rain barrels effectively reduce the amount of rainwater that reaches the city’s sewer system and can help prevent the occurrence of drainage backups. City-wide use can help reduce flooding, as every gallon captured matters. The barrels also reduce pollution by capturing water that would otherwise mix with pesticides and automobile fluids that eventually flow to the river.

There will be a pickup day event held on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at Gardens Gate – 611 Dayton Road, Ottawa, IL 61350 between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Rain barrels will not be sold at this event. They must be preordered.
The City of Ottawa Rain Barrel Program is consistent with city’s Combined Sewer Separation Long-term Control Plan, the Ottawa Flood Commission’s Campaign for Public Information, and the Ottawa is Blooming Committee’s environmental initiatives.

The Ottawa is Blooming Committee is tasked with helping Ottawa blossom through gardening, recognition of historic preservation efforts, celebrating Ottawa’s culture, promoting the arts, and implementation of environmental stewardship and projects.

Riordan Pool Manager Position Available

City of Ottawa-Riordan Pool Manager

Position: Pool Manager-Seasonal
Salary: $8,000 starting salary.
Position is FMLA exempt

Interested candidates should submit a resume and a letter of application to:

Ottawa Recreation
City Hall
301 West Madison Street
Ottawa, Illinois 61350

OR email to: cityrec@cityofottawa.org

Resumes are due on or before April 23, 2021.

· 2 years in management or supervision of young workers
· Be certified and maintain current Life-guarding, CPR Professional Rescuer, and First Aid through American Red Cross, YMCA or equivalent organization.
· A strong background in budgeting, education, and athletics is desirable
· A strong background in public relations is desirable as you will be dealing with patrons on a daily basis
· Able to lead a staff of 15-25 pool employees
· Able to provide written summaries of financial accounts and management decisions to the City Rec Board


  1. The pool Manager will oversee daily operation of the pool including staff, concessions, training, and income. They will report to the Recreation Director.
  2. Work closely with the Pool Maintenance Manager in order to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations on pool chemical readings, pump/filter operation and any necessary documentation.
  3. Prepare the annual budget including salaries, gate income, and income/expense of concession stand.
  4. Work with Captain of the guard to hire pool staff. This will include certified lifeguards or concession staff.
  5. Prepare staff schedule and oversee staff in their performance of daily duties.
  6. Prepare and maintain a staff manual which includes: staff rules, pool/slide/dive rules, emergency action plans for major/minor emergencies & spinal for all areas of the facility: pool, Locker rooms, concession stand. Manual should include procedures on in-service training, weather, pool closed days, and staff needing time off.
  7. Oversee depositing of income on a daily basis & submit monthly reports to the rec board.
  8. Submit invoices on a daily basis. Monitor income/expenses and report significant deviations to the Rec Director.
  9. Make sure all equipment is good working condition and replace as needed.
  10. Supervise all staff and make recommendations for hiring, re-hiring, and termination.
  11. Good communication with the Rec Director on a daily basis.
  12. 2 days off per week with these conditions: Cannot be 2 consecutive days or 2 weekend days unless OK’d by Rec Director and assistant managers are able to cover. Should work 70% of the hours the pool is open.
  13. Work with Rec Director & board on pool public relations.
  14. Train assistant mangers and staff and review their duties on a regular basis.
  15. Oversee staff continuing education and physical fitness preparedness.
  16. Attend Recreation Board Meetings in May, June, July, August, and September. The board meets the second Thursday of every month at 7pm at Ottawa City Hall.

2021 Community Garden Information

Ottawa is Blooming is very excited to have you be part of Ottawa’s Community Garden. A community garden means many things to many people; a community garden to some may be a place to grow food and herbs, while others may choose to simply grow flowers, connect with nature, relieve stress or just enjoy being outdoors. Others may take part in the garden to be a part of the community and share their knowledge and love of gardening.

Regardless of why you have chosen to be part of the garden, we welcome you and look forward to seeing you at the garden.

Happy growing!

Click here for more Community Garden Information

Fiber Optic Broadband-Interested?

CONTACT: Liz Burnham
EMAIL: lizburnham@surfbroadband.com

Surf Broadband Solutions has a signed expression of interest letter with the City of Ottawa to evaluate the building of fiber optic internet in the City. Surf is in discussion with City leadership and working on next steps to establish a plan for fiber optic broadband to connect to the homes and businesses. To help us gauge interest go to: iwantfiber.today to sign up if you want fiber internet.

“This will be a fantastic opportunity to our citizens as everyone will eventually have access to dependable high-speed internet. As more people choose to work remotely, this will make our City a preferred location to live and work. We are excited to begin this partnership with Surf Broadband Solutions,” said Mayor Dan Aussem.

Surf Broadband is breaking down the barriers to switch from old outdated traditional internet services direct to fiber internet to the home connection.

Here is how Surf Broadband Solutions is different than traditional cable and telephone providers:
● No Data Caps or Overages fees – with the need for remote work and school your household is likely to use more data. Other providers have become stricter and are charging for overages.
● No Contracts – we are confident that you will love your fiber internet service and therefore we will work hard to keep you as a valuable customer and will not lock you into a contract like other providers do.
● Same upload and download speed – E-Learning and video conferencing has changed the way we use all the internet. Surf provides symmetrical upload and download to eliminate glitchy video conferencing.
● Whole-Home Wi-Fi – We provide a fully supported state of the art whole home Wi-Fi option that is capable of handling the bandwidth a fiber optic broadband connection delivers meaning you can do E-Learning, remote work, stream video, play games anywhere in your house.

Surf Broadband Solutions
Surf Broadband Solutions is the premier broadband provider in Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan since 2010. Our mission is to provide the greatest number of people with the best possible access to the internet. We serve these areas with offices in LaPorte, IN, Coal City, IL, Elkhart, IN, and Byron Center, MI and Rock Falls, IL. The Surf Broadband Solutions network uses the latest technology available, so our customers experience fast, reliable internet to enhance their daily lives. Connect Further. Faster. www.surfbroadband.com Surf Broadband Solutions is The Future Of Home Internet.