Taxi Services

Taxi Services

The City of Ottawa is home to two taxi services that operate at a cost to the user.

The City Council has implemented a senior citizen subsidy for taxi service within the corporate limits of Ottawa.

Sec. 114-43. – Senior and disabled citizen reimbursement.
(a)Licensees will be reimbursed 50 percent of the cost of taxi fares as hereinafter provided for persons with income levels which qualify them for residency in the LaSalle County Housing Authority living units whether or not such individuals actually reside in such units. Such reimbursement shall not exceed the sum of $3,000.00 per month, and may be discontinued by written notice to the licensee.

(b)Reimbursement is limited for the fares of individuals who are not less than 62 years of age or retired and whose annual income is not greater than the financial qualifications as provided in paragraph (a) above.

(c)The city shall issue taxi subsidy identification cards to senior citizens and disabled persons upon the submission of satisfactory evidence of income, age, city residency and disability, if applicable.

(d)No licensee shall be eligible to receive reimbursement under this section unless the individual for whom reimbursement is sought has been issued an identification card as provided in paragraph (c) above.

(e)Requests for reimbursement under this section shall be in writing and shall include the name of the individual for whom reimbursement is sought and such other information as the city may require.

(f)Notwithstanding any of the foregoing to the contrary, there shall be no reimbursement under this section unless the licensee has established fares or charges approved by the city.

Please call City Hall with any questions regarding this service:  815-433-0161.

Please contact the company directly for hours of operation and fee schedules.
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