Taxi Services

Taxi Services

The City of Ottawa is home to two taxi services that operate at a cost to the user.

The City Council has implemented a senior citizen subsidy for taxi service within the corporate limits of Ottawa. The City will pay 50% of the cost of taxi fares for one round trip per day for persons with income levels which qualify them for residency in the LaSalle County Housing Authority living units whether or not they actually live in the LCHS facilities. These individuals must be 62 years of age with annual income as follows: (a) not greater than $16,500 for single person household, and (b) not greater than $18,500 for to person household.

Senior citizens and disabled persons will be required to obtain taxi subsidy identification cards from City Hall and provide proof of income eligibility, age, city residency at that time and proof of Medicaid eligibility where applicable, and periodically thereafter.

Please contact the company directly for hours of operation and fee schedules.
City Cab

G & R Cab