City Parks

The City of Ottawa is home to over 100 acres of community parkland. City parks offer a variety of amenities, including boat launches, docking facilities, swimming pool, tennis courts, bikeway/hiking trails, baseball and softball diamonds, basketball courts, play apparatus, picnic facilities, monuments/art, fishing areas, shelters, concession facilities, toboggan run, and riverwalk.

Washington ParkHonor or memorialize a loved one, an organization or an event in one of Ottawa’s park areas with a beautiful, black 6 foot steel bench with a 2” x 10” memorial plaque with the wording of your choice.
Contact the Mayor’s office at 815-433-0161 for more details.

Allen Park
Location: Ottawa Riverfront – Southside – 400 Courtney Street – MAPQUEST LINKSHELTER LOCATON MAP (2.67 MB)

Allen Park is a destination park located on the Illinois River on the south side. The Park is over 20 acres and has many amenities including boat ramps, docks, fishing areas, and shelters.

Dayton Bluff Preserve
Location: 2997 Illinois Route 71 – MAPQUEST LINK

Conservation Foundation Site

East Side Park
Location: 712 York Street – MAPQUEST LINK

East Side Neighborhood Park is located on the northeast corner of York and Congress Streets. The park contains basketball courts. It will have new playground equipment including a zip line in 2021 when improvements are finished.

Fox River Park
Location: 1025 Ontario Street – MAPQUEST LINK SHELTER LOCATION MAP (2.41 MB)

Fox River Park is located on the east side. The Park is over 15 acres with many amenities, including a water splash pad, Frisbee golf, boat ramps, and playground equipment.

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Hollywood Park
Location: 833 DeLeon Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Hollywood Neighborhood Park is located on the North side of town, at the corner of Deleon St. and Mulberry St. This new park has playground equipment, shelter and electric power.

Kiwanis Park
Location: 115 E. Glover Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Kiwanis Parkway Park is located south of the Illinois River on Route 23. The park contains playground equipment, shelters, and opens space.

Lincoln/Douglas Park
Location: 600 E. Norris Drive – MAPQUEST LINK

Lincoln-Douglas Park This multi-use community park is located north of Route #6. The Park includes a swimming pool (in season), four baseball fields, two softball diamonds, a soccer field, batting cages, playground equipment, and new handicap playground equipment area.

Peck Park
Location: 1510 State Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Peck Park is located on the south side, west of Route 23. It contains four softball diamonds, a baseball field, shelters, parking, and playground equipment.

Rigden Park
Location: 625 W. Jackson Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Rigden Park is located west of downtown Ottawa on Lafayette Street. The park contains a baseball field, basketball courts, shelter, and playground equipment.

Skate Park
Location: 325 W. Jackson Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Ottawa Skate Park is a specialized community park that provides skateboarding opportunities.

Thornton Park
Location: 1600 West Jackson Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Amenities: Basketball Court, Shelter, Port-A-Potties, Open Space.
Turnberry Park

Location: 2832 Turnberry Drive  MAPQUEST LINK

Turnberry Park is a small neighborhood park located in the Turnberry area at the northeast part of Ottawa. The park contains a shelter, playground equipment, and basketball court.

Varland Park
Location: 310 E McKinley Road – MAPQUEST LINK

Varland Park is located on the south side of town, east of Rt #23 on East McKinley Road, The Park contains two Baseball Fields and play ground Equipment, limited parking.

Walsh Park
Location: 509 Bellevue Avenue – MAPQUEST LINK SHELTER LOCATION MAP (2.05 MB)

Walsh Park is located on the north side off Champlain Street on Bellevue Avenue. This park is over 8 acres with basketball courts, regulation horseshoe pits, walking trail, playground equipment, and shelters with easy access from the parking lot.

Washington Square 
Location: 101 W Lafayette Street – MAPQUEST LINK

Washington Square, is located in down town Ottawa, between the north and south bound lanes of Route 23.  The park contains historical monuments including the Lincoln- Douglas debates statues set in a beautiful plaza setting and a Civil War Monument. The Square also has beautiful flower gardens.