Electrical Permit Request

Sec. 22-164 – Inspection Fees.

(1)                    For residential and commercial work where a building permit has been secured, the electrical fee is included in the building fee according to section 22-123.

(2)        For residential and commercial work where a building permit is not required the fee shall be as follows:

•          Generators      $100.00

•          Solar panels    $100.00

•          Outbuildings and accessory structures          $100.00

•          Additions and upgrades requiring one inspection     $100.00

•          Additions and upgrades requiring two inspections   $150.00

•          New structures up to 200 Amp service          $200.00

•          100–200 Amp services-Full replacement service when riser, meter base and panel are installed, or when pedestal and panel are installed            $100.00

•          100–200 Amp services-Partial replacement when a panel only or when a meter base and/or riser are installed  $100.00

(3)        Re-inspection fee        $50.00

(4)        There is no permit fee for electrical work valued at less than $500.00 that does not require an inspection. This fee waiver for work valued at less than $500.00 is only valid for one address or parcel per calendar year.

(5)                    Emergency work. In cases where work must be done in emergency situations when it is not possible to first secure a permit, such as on weekends or holidays, work may be executed in accordance with all Code requirements and a permit must be secured on the next business day. All such work will be subject to inspection.

(6)        Doing work without a permit. If any person initiates construction, erection or alteration of electrical work in any structure without first obtaining a permit, such person must pay, in addition to the regular fees prescribed for permits, any and all fines prescribed in section 22-166.

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