Wastewater Virtual Tour

Wastewater Treatment Facility Virtual Tour

Headworks Facility
The headworks facility is where the wastewater enters the treatment plant. It´s purpose is to remove the inorganic material that cannot be “broken down” in the biological treatment process.

Aeration BasinsView
Large turbine blowers deliver air to provide oxygen as well as mixing to the microorganisms in the wastewater. The aeration basins are aerated using fine-bubble diffusers mounted uniformly above the basin floors. The goal of this is to convert dissolved and suspended organic matter into a form more readily separated from the water being treated.

Secondary ClarifiersView Pictures!
Secondary clarifiers are used to separate suspended particles in the mixed liquor that are heavier than water, by gravitational settling (sedimentation). This process removes microorganisms and organic material from the water before it is discharged into the receiving stream.

Sodium Hypochloride (bleach) is metered into the effluent to disinfect it. Then after being disinfected, Sodium BiSulfate is metered in to remove the residual chlorine before the effluent flows into the river which is our receiving stream.